Celebrate Black History Month With Your Kids

February is Black History Month. It’s a chance to honor those that have inspired equality for all people. Celebrating Black History Month is a great way to introduce your children to inspirational figures. Learning about history can be an amazing thing for your family to share.
Dr. Carter G. Woodson started the movement to honor black [...]

Cheer Up Those Winter Blues

Do you prefer the sun shining to the snow falling? Maybe you’d rather be chasing your kids around in shorts and a t-shirt instead of a jacket and boots. Counting down the days till winter ends is no fun. Nobody likes the winter blues. But winter isn’t all dreary days and cold nights. As shocking [...]

Germ Free Kids

Cold and flu season is upon us. It feels like germs wait until the coldest part of the year to wreak havoc on our homes. And once one family member gets sick, everyone in the house catches it! How is a parent supposed to compete against microscopic germs? While we might not be able to [...]

Putting Baby to Sleep

It’s late at night and it seems you’ve been up forever. Can you even remember the last time you had a full nights sleep? Welcome to new parenthood. Those sleepless nights are definitely not a myth. Though it might seem impossible, getting a good nights sleep is important for a parent. You’re more alert and [...]

Fun Things To Do With Kids In The Snow

“There’s nothing to do!” How many times have you heard these words from the mouths of your little ones and had to come up with activities for them? With snow day season upon us you might be hearing those words more than you’d like. But never fear! Despite what your kids might think, there are [...]

Funkoos Activity Finder

How many times have you found yourself wondering what to do with the kids on the weekend? At Funkoos we’ve found ourselves asking the same question and wanted to come up with a solution. So we created the Funkoos Activity Finder (http://www.funkoos.com/kids-activity-finder.html). It’s a place where parents can search for activities and events in their [...]

Welcome 2012!

2011 has come to an end and 2012 is here. Here at Funkoos we’ve had a great year but we’re even more excited about what’s to come! We think raising kids in 2012 will be a blast and here are our top 5 reasons why:
1. Funkoos going global!
We’re traveling around the world spreading the word [...]

Give the gift of giving for the holidays

During the holidays it seems like your options for gifts are endless. Every store seems to be selling the next great product. But what if you want to give a more meaningful gift? Donating to a charity in honor of someone is a wonderful way to spread the holiday spirit and can be more personal [...]

Bundling up baby

Winter means warm dinners, softly falling snow and cozying up with the ones you love. But it also means battling the freezing cold elements when venturing outside. Keeping your baby warm and comfortable while your outside is obviously a top priority. As every parent knows a warm baby is a happy baby.
Focus on layering, that’s [...]

Regifting this holiday season

If you say the word “regifting” to some people they immediately think of a social faux pas that is never ok. But if you have things filling your home that you never use why not give some of them to someone who actually likes the stuff? You’ll be clearing your home of clutter, reusing instead [...]