Kids Activities for Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is an opportunity to get together with the ones you love and care about. Not only do you get to feast on delicious food but you also can make the day about being thankful for the things you have. Kids can get involved with fun activities that show them how to share their appreciation [...]

Bike Safety

Now that it’s springtime there’s no better chance to go for a bike ride! As everybody knows once you learn to ride a bike, you never forget. It’s a great activity to do as a family. You can enjoy the scenery, get some exercise and your kids will learn a life long sport. Before you [...]

Cheer Up Those Winter Blues

Do you prefer the sun shining to the snow falling? Maybe you’d rather be chasing your kids around in shorts and a t-shirt instead of a jacket and boots. Counting down the days till winter ends is no fun. Nobody likes the winter blues. But winter isn’t all dreary days and cold nights. As shocking [...]