This new year get your kids to eat healthy!

A great resolution your family can make this year is eating healthier. A diet rich in good food gives you energy; make you feel better and keeps you strong. Introducing a variety of foods early will help your child develop into a conscious, good eater who makes healthy choices. Starting your family on the healthy [...]

Yummy Apples

A great autumn past time is apple picking. It’s a fun family activity that brings everyone together in the hunt for the perfect apple. Nothing tastes quite as good as a crisp, crunchy apple you’ve picked yourself, right off the tree. A lot of orchards grow more than one type of apple so it can [...]

Grilling with veggies

It’s grilling season and sometimes it seems like everything you eat comes hot off the barbie. While enjoying delicious hamburgers and hotdogs is par for the course there are plenty of vegetarian grilling offerings that taste just as  yummy. Whether its vegetables from the farmer’s market or veggie burgers, you won’t find yourself missing the [...]

Yummy Pops

There’s nothing as refreshing on a hot summer day as a popsicle. They’re delicious and healthier than ice cream. You can add fresh fruit and other fun additions to make your pops stand out. Popsicles are also a tasty treat that you can make at home. Here are some easy, yummy popsicle recipes that will [...]

Summer Salads

Summer is the perfect time to try out a fresh new salad. Fruit and veggies are waiting to be picked and tossed into delicious combinations. Nothing is quite as refreshing as a summer salad. Here are some fun variations to try out:
* Mix your favorite fruit together and top it with yogurt and granola for [...]

Make your s’mores even better!

Ask someone what their favorite summer food is and chances are they’ll say s’mores. How could you not love the delicious combination of graham cracker, marshmallow and chocolate? This summer try something that’ll make your s’mores even better. Fair trade chocolate is a great way for you to help make the world a better place [...]

Choosing milk that doesn’t come from a cow

We all grew up knowing that milk was important for strong bones. Remember those “GOT MILK?” ads? No one can deny the importance of calcium in a healthy diet. But as researchers learn more and more about the affects our foods have on us, consumers become more informed about what they’re eating. Maybe you’ve thought [...]

Organic Food For Baby

These days everyone is becoming more aware of how to live a healthy lifestyle. One of the best ways is eating organic food. It’s good for you and the earth. Organic farmers focus on soil and water conservation, as well as reducing the pollution they produce. Non-organic farms use chemicals to help their plants grow. [...]