Stay smart this summer

School is ending but that doesn’t mean that opportunities for learning have ended. Kids who don’t participate in educational activities during the summer lose 2.6 months of grade level in math. Teachers have to spend 4 to 6 weeks the next school year re-teaching all the material their students have forgotten. Give your child a [...]

What does your garden say?

Giving flowers is a simple, wonderful gesture. Everyone loves how flowers can brighten a home and bring natural beauty. If you’re the kind of person who loves to give flowers you can have even more fun with it by using them to communicate how you feel.
In Victorian times certain flowers had meanings and giving them [...]

The History of Memorial Day

Memorial Day is more than just a chance to celebrate the beginning of summer. There’s a reason we get the day off to relax with our loved ones. It’s to honor those that have given their lives for our country. This uniquely American holiday is an important part of our history.
Women in the South were [...]

Curb Nighttime Fears

I think we all can recall a time when we thought scary things came out at night. It seemed as if your closet was home to monsters and you wouldn’t dare look under the bed to see what was lingering. Now that you have kids it seems like karma has come to kick you in [...]

Finding the perfect babysitter

You and your partner are badly in need of a night out. The kids have been driving you crazy and you long for a quiet night with adult conversation. To get you out of the house and onto a night on the town you of course need to hire a babysitter. It can be tricky [...]

Museum Fun!

A rainy spring day is the perfect time to take a family trip to a museum! It will provide hours of educational entertainment while it’s raining and pouring outside. Not everyone lives near the Guggenheim but that doesn’t mean there aren’t hidden museum gems in your area! If you visit a site like you [...]

Unique Mother’s Day Gifts

Celebrate Mother’s Day this year by getting creative! Show you love and appreciate the moms in your life with thoughtful gestures and gifts. Here are some ideas to get you started.
Is your wife or mom an animal lover? Maybe she’s passionate about the arts. Show that you know what she finds important with a donation [...]

Activity Finder turned app!

Funkoos is so excited to announce we’re going techie with our Activity Finder! We really felt our Finder was a perfect fit for an App, so now we’re offering it for your phone! This means no matter where you are you’ll find great activities recommended by fellow parents. We thought the timing couldn’t be better [...]

Pets and your family

Do you feel like it’s time to add to your family? Maybe you think a furry friend would make your household complete. There really is a pet for every family. Before you embark on your perfect pet hunt it’s important to remember your lifestyle and experience. Maybe your baby is terrified of dogs, or you’ve [...]

National Siblings Day!

Moms get Mother’s Day, Dads get Father’s day, but what about the people we grew up with? The ones we fought with, learned with and sometimes wished we could have sent back to the baby store. April 10th is dedicated to these loved ones, it’s National Siblings Day! Today is a good reminder to pick [...]