Kid Friendly Ways to Melt the Ice!

When it’s icy and snowy outside the one thing we all want is to figure out how to get out of driveway safely. That’s why many people turn to salt and snowmelts made of chemicals to melt the ice coated porch steps. While these methods might help to quickly melt ice and snow they aren’t [...]

Creative ways to wrap your gifts!

You can buy the most eco-friendly gift in the world but finding a green way to wrap it can be a challenge. Half the paper used in the U.S. every year is wrapping paper. You can get creative and reduce your use, while making your gifts look unique!
There are plenty of companies that sell wrapping [...]

Eco-friendly School Supplies

If you live an eco-friendly lifestyle you can carry that into the school year with all the amazing products out there that are green. Here are some ideas to keep the green feeling in the classroom. Lunchtime is a great place to start when buying organic and green items.
Don’t use plastic food containers that can [...]

Organic Baby Shower Basket

An organic gift basket is a great baby shower gift. It can help moms to be learn about all the great eco-friendly options they have for their little one. We’ve come up with some great products we think would make for an awesome green gift!
Start off with some Funkoos organic clothing, of course! If you [...]

Organic Bugspray for Kids

Bugs can be such pests in the summer. There are safe, organic ways of battling them though! Keep your little ones safe and healthy this summer with organic, eco-friendly bug spray.
Bugs hate onions. One way to protect your baby from bugs is by saving your onionskins from cooking. Collect them in a baggie and refrigerate [...]

Children and Thunderstorms

Thunderstorms can really scare kids. They’re loud, happen at night and seem to come out of nowhere. It isn’t unusual for a parent to find their child in their bed during a storm. Summertime is prime thunderstorm time so how do you stop the tears and fears?
Thunder and lightening can be scary adults, we’ll admit [...]

Earth Day Everyday

April is on its way out and Earth Day has come and gone. But helping our planet doesn’t have to be a one-day event. Celebrating Earth Day can be everyday! With our hectic schedules it can be hard to make huge changes, but there are little things every family can do to make a big [...]

Pay less at the pump

Gas prices seem to be climbing higher and higher the closer we get to summer. And if you don’t own a hybrid the only option is to feed the pump. Is there anyway to not go broke when fueling up? We looked into the best ways to conserve fuel to help you save a few [...]

Organic Soap For Your Family

Last week we talked about the great reasons to buy organic makeup. This week we looked into organic soap and the reasons to switch are just as compelling! Your skin is your biggest organ. You take the time to apply sunscreen and moisturize with lotion so it makes sense to use healthy, natural soap. There [...]

Organic Makeup For Mom

Every woman wants to look beautiful but it can be hard to find beauty products that are eco-friendly. But there are companies out there that make taking care of the Earth as important as making you look good.
Organic makeup is not only good for the world but also for you. The skin can absorb five [...]