Your baby’s first Valentine’s Day can be a great way to celebrate how much you love him. This day can go beyond chocolates and roses and become one where you make wonderful memories with your special little one. Here are 5 ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your baby:

Skype with loved ones. Maybe your baby’s grandparents live miles away, or their aunts and uncles. Set up a Skype date with them and have your baby say hello to friends and family. Give everyone updates about your baby’s first words or steps or first bites of baby food. Video chatting is a fun way to include loved ones in your baby’s life.

Make footprint hearts. One day your baby won’t have his adorable tiny feet. A fun project to remember how tiny he is is to make footprint hearts. Put your baby’s feet in some non-toxic paint and press them on some paper in a heart shape. Write the date at the bottom and frame it when it dries. Make a few and send them as Valentine’s greetings!

Record your baby’s babbles. Everyone loves getting Valentine’s Day cards but you can make your cards stand out. Purchase ones that you can record a voice on and record a few words (or baby talk) from your little one. It’ll be a fun surprise when a loved one presses play!

Have professional photos taken. Hire a professional photographer to document your little family. A photo shoot inspired by love will be a lovely gift to you and your little one. Looking back on the photos will remind you of how small your baby once was.

Write your baby a love note. Take the time to write your baby a heartfelt note about why you love him so much and why watching him grow is such an amazing experience. Include the date and save the note among his keepsakes. It’ll make you both teary eyed when you’re older.