It sounds like Nemo will be making an appearance tomorrow, and we’re not talking about the lovable fish! A huge blizzard is making its way to the Northeast and is expected to hit areas at some point tomorrow. Here are five fun things you can do with your little ones while snowed in:

Make Valentine’s Day cards! The timing of this storm means you can break out the glitter, red paper and doilies and make cards for all your loved ones. Have your kids make a list of everyone they want to send Valentine’s Day wishes too. Get creative, the mailman would love a cheery card while making his rounds, or your child’s favorite babysitter would appreciate a lovely thank you. Spread the love!

Examine snowflakes. When the snow is falling heavy you can see how each snowflake really is unique. Bundle the kids up and grab some black felt. Go outside and catch snowflakes on the felt and take a look. Big flakes make it easy to see how beautiful and different each snowflake is… like your kids!

Watch home movies. Skip the cartoons and pull out the old home videos you haven’t watched in awhile. The kids will love to see you in your wedding video or seeing themselves as little babies. It’ll bring up some great memories, while you’re creating a new one!

Cook together. Kids in the kitchen can usually spell disaster but if you have the whole day to yourselves there’s no rush to clean up. Try out a simple, healthy meal that the kids can take part in. They’ll love eating the fruits of their labor!

Play games that you played when you were little. Pull out monopoly, LIFE, chutes and ladders, Sorry! and a deck of cards. Enjoy sharing your favorite games with your kids and getting them hooked. The ultimate snow day game? Make a massive dominos chain and have fun watching it fall!

Snow days might seem like an inconvenience but they’re also a chance to slow down and spend time doing things you wouldn’t usually do during the daily rush. You and your kids will love the time together!