Going organic and green is becoming more and more popular as people learn how helpful it is for the environment and their families. Being a parent right now means there are so choices out there for raising your baby. Rather than a one size fits all approach to parenting, everyone is choosing what works best for them. There are so many great new developments in green products for babies; it’s an exciting time to be a parent!

Obviously, Funkoos is proud to be part of the organic baby clothing market. It’s a chance to give parents choices in what their babies wear. Organic clothing is safer, healthier and better for the environment. It’s so great that we can combine fashion and environmentalism for our little ones!

BPA free products are a really important way to keep your family healthy. As we learn more and more about how chemicals affect people scientists are making adjustments and recommendations about what we should and shouldn’t use. Companies are offering more products that are free of dangerous chemicals and also offering more products that take plastic completely out of the equation. BPA free bottles are such a great way to keep your baby safe and chemical free.

Baby food is getting tastier and more refined as parents demand better for their babies. Long gone are the days where all you could buy was a glass jar full of green mush that you’re baby would spit up during mealtime. Now parents can easily buy organic food for their little ones or even make their own. Baby food now offered in a variety of convenient containers, like pouches, for on the go families. Healthy, organic food is no longer just for food connoisseurs, now even those in diapers can enjoy delicious meals!

When shopping for your nursery you can now find so many wonderful décor and furniture. Small businesses can now sell their products online to people around the world, which means you can help support companies that have values similar to yours. Going green is in vogue now so it isn’t hard to find products made from recycled materials, organic fabrics and even paint for your walls that has fewer chemicals!

Baby soap and shampoo was always a one size fits all approach. Parents these days can shop for baby bathing products that are eco-friendly and chemical free. It’s nice to look the ingredient list on a label and not feel like you’re reading a foreign language!

Toys for babies are another great place that parents can make choices. Wood blocks made from reclaimed wood, squeaky toys made out of recycled rubber and cloth dolls made from friendly fibers like wool are all great advancements being made in an area people used to think wasn’t a big deal. But in reality, babies put toys in their mouths and are in constant contact with them so making them safe is important.

Organic and eco-friendly are no longer strange words, we can’t wait to see what new developments are going to be made for our little ones!