You found out you’re expecting. Congrats! Now you enter the world of baby clothing and supplies. Sometimes it can be confusing when shopping for a newborn, should you get sleepgowns or sleepsuits? Do you want onesies that have snaps on the bottom or the front? What’s a layette set? Since Funkoos specializes in organic baby clothing we thought we’d offer some helpful tips for shopping for your new bundle of joy.

Burp cloths are an essential part of any new parents diaper bag. Never leave home without some! They’ll keep you clean when burping baby after mealtime. You want burp cloths that are easy to toss into the wash and are durable enough to last through multiple meals.

Newborns need to be bundled up in order to feel warm and comfy. Buy some mittens, caps and booties so you won’t have to keep reusing the ones your baby comes home from the hospital wearing.

If late night diaper changes are the number one thing you dread consider dressing baby in sleepgowns at night. The opening at the bottom means you can change diapers without undressing your little one. It’s the little things that can make being a new parent easier.

Sleepsuits are good to have on hand when it gets chilly out. They don’t have an opening that can make baby cold at night. An uncomfortable baby is a baby that won’t let anyone else sleep!

You might receive gifts for your newborn called “layette sets.” This means it’s a collection of items for a baby. “Layette” is actually a French word that means “small box.” If you have friends who are expecting, look around for layette sets for a great gift.

It’s always a good idea to purchase different kinds of onesies when you start out. You might think you only want to use ones that have snaps on the front but then realize ones that have snaps on the bottom are just as great. Use a variety at first to see which style you prefer. Onesies that snap at the bottom make diaper changing easier while ones that snap on the front make getting dressed a breeze.

Happy shopping!