Bedtime can be a stressful for new parents. It seems like babies never want to go to sleep when you want them to! There are some ways you can help your baby get into sleep mode and ensure everyone can drift off to dream land.

Make sure bedtime is the same time every night. You probably already have a schedule for when your baby eats, a sleeping schedule is just as important. Establishing a bedtime and sticking to it will help your baby fall asleep when he needs to.

Establish a bedtime routine. Consistency is key if you want to help your baby get into sleep mode. Maybe you put him in his pjs, then brush his teeth, read a book and cuddle before bed. Have those activities in the same order every night so your baby knows what to expect.

Find out how your baby sleeps. Everybody is different, and babies are no exception. Some might be early risers; others like to lounge in their crib. Some might need a nap and others can go without. Maybe your baby is having trouble sleeping at night because he naps to long during the day. Or if he doesn’t take naps and is cranky all day he might need some rest time.

Get the house into sleep mode. It’d be hard for anyone to fall asleep with the TV blaring and people making noise! When it’s baby’s bedtime make the house a soothing place. Give him a warm bath with some lavender baby shampoo and listen to some relaxing music. Turn electronics off well before bedtime so he’s not over stimulated. Consider a white noise machine to play in the nursery. Getting your baby to relax is half the battle when it comes to bedtime.

Having a consistent wake up time is just as important as a regular bedtime. It helps establish a rhythm to your baby’s day. Having him sleep late one day and then get up early the next ensures an unhappy baby.

Reduce your bedtime battles by trying some of these easy fixes!