This year, instead of making the typical New Year’s resolutions set some family goals for going green in 2013! The beginning of the year is a great time to make some changes and make your lifestyle more eco-friendly. Having your goals be New Year’s resolutions will also add some excitement for the kids. It can be a fun family challenge to see how green you can get by the end of the year. Here are some ideas you can incorporate into your resolutions:
Try cloth diapering. You might have been reluctant to switch to cloth diapering because you don’t know a lot about it or it seems time consuming. In reality, cloth diapering can save you money and time. Try it out for a week or two, commitment free, and see what you think. Resolutions don’t have to be promises set in stone, they can also be a chance to try something you normally wouldn’t consider.
Start a compost pile. Starting a compost pile in the Winter means you’ll have incredible soil for your garden in the Spring! There are many styles of composting so you can easily find one that suits your family. Assign your kids different jobs with the composting bin so they feel like they’re part of the process.
Turn off the lights when you leave. Make a family resolution to turn off all the lights and electronics whenever you leave a room. This will help your electricity bill and stops the wasteful use of energy.
Get rid of the plastic bottles. Buying plastic water bottles is horrible for the environment and your wallet. Buy your family some fun, BPA free, reusable water bottles and say goodbye to the plastic. You’ll be saving yourself money and space (those packages of water bottles take up so much room!).
Try to go meatless on Mondays. Meatless Mondays is a movement adopted by many families who want add more vegetables and healthy food to their diet. It’s one day of the week where you skip the steak for dinner and instead maybe make some veggie burgers. Give it try and see how the kids like it.
Use resuable bags when shopping. This is a simple way to help the environment. By bringing your own bags when you shop you aren’t using wasteful plastic bags. Stick some easy to clean resuable bags in your car and keep them there so you can grab them on your way into the grocery store.
Turn off the tap while you brush. Make it a habit to turn off the faucet while you or the little ones are brushing your teeth. It’s an easy way to save gallons of water.
Making simple lifestyle changes to help the environment is unique way to approach New Year’s resolutions. We know you can go green this year!