January is National Eye Health Care month so there’s no better time to teach your kids about caring for their eyes!
You tell your kids to eat their carrots to help their eyes, and you’re right! Carrots are a great source of vitamin A, which helps keep eyes healthy. So tell them to eat up!
Eye injuries can easily happen when children are playing. If your child plays a sport, like basketball or baseball, insist that they wear protective goggles when participating. This is actually becoming a required practice more and more as towns make the decision to have kids wear protective gear in order to be safe.
Remind your kids to always be alert when playing. This is important for many reasons but when talking about eyesight it means knowing when something like a ball could be headed in your direction.
Younger children don’t understand that throwing sand in the sandbox or woodchips at the playground can be very dangerous to their and other kid’s eyes. Establish a rule about no throwing things like sand, rocks, woodchips and sticks so little ones don’t risk getting anything in their eyes. If your child does get small particles in his eyes immediately flush them out with cold water and take him to the ER if you notice his eyes are still red and watered.
Sunglasses are a fashionable way your kids can protect their eyes. Make sure you purchase sunglasses with UV protection. This means they cut down the amount of ultraviolet light from the sun that hits your eyes. Remember to wear sunglasses even in the winter. Snow is a powerful reflector of sunlight.
Straining your eyes doesn’t injure them but it can be uncomfortable and tire out the muscles around the eyes. If your kids have been on the computer or playing video games for a while have them stop so they’re eyes can take a break.
The best way to keep eyes healthy is by having regular checkups. Make sure your child gets their yearly exam by their primary care doctor. During this trip your doctor will check your child’s eyesight.