You can buy the most eco-friendly gift in the world but finding a green way to wrap it can be a challenge. Half the paper used in the U.S. every year is wrapping paper. You can get creative and reduce your use, while making your gifts look unique!

There are plenty of companies that sell wrapping paper made from recycled paper. Check the label before you buy a roll and make sure it’s from recycled materials.

If you’re wrapping a kids gift, use the comic book pages from the newspaper so they get a laugh before opening their present!

For the graphic designer in your life wrap a gift in newspaper using only the print section Use pages that don’t have any ads or pictures for a mature look.

Reusable gift bags are also a good idea because they can be used over and over again, long after you’ve given your gift.

Cut open a paper shopping bag and have your kids decorate the plain side with crayons, glitter, stickers, the works! Use that extra personal paper to wrap your gift. Grandma will love it!

Instead of buying boxes to use for your gifts consider using what you already have in your house. Try empty plastic containers, or boxes you don’t use. You’ll also save yourself money when you don’t buy boxes!

If you have a lot of printer paper use that as wrapping paper. Again, let your children decorate it for a work of art that comes with the gift!

Kids grow out of their clothing so fast, cut up a pair of jeans or a colorful shirt and use it as wrapping paper. It’ll be totally unexpected and stand out from everything else under the tree!

Do you have empty baby food containers lying around? You can use them for small gifts. Wash the container out and peel off the label. Have your kids create their own labels, they could write something like: “To the World’s Best Aunt” or draw a picture that hints at what’s inside.

The options really are endless when it comes to eco-friendly gift-wrap. Why even get boring wrapping paper when you and the kids can have fun getting creative?!?