Holiday traditions are the best, and it’s amazing how many different ones you can find around the world! Here are some global traditions you can share with your kids:

In Austria the feast of St. Nicholas begins Christmas. The saint travels around with the devil and asks children for all their good and bad deeds. If a child was good they get sweets or toys. The song Silent Night was first sung in Austria in 1818. Baked carp is the food of choice for Christmas dinner.

You can tell Brazilians celebrate Christmas in warm weather because of their traditions. Father Noel visits children while wearing silk clothing to ward off the heat. Legend has it he lives in Greenland most of the year. People decorate for the holidays with fresh flowers and large Christmas “trees” made from electric lights. Fireworks are set off in the cities during Christmas. The festivities continue all the way until January 6th, or Three Kings Day.

Chinese children decorate their trees with ornaments made from colorful paper. Dun Che Loa Ren visits their homes and fills stockings hung on the tree with gifts and treats. Families who don’t celebrate Christmas still have a special tradition during this time. It’s the Spring Festival where they get to honor their ancestors.

The Irish celebrate Christmas from Christmas Eve until January 6th, which they call Little Christmas. You can see red candles in windows on Christmas Eve, which are a guide for Joseph and Mary as they look for shelter. Children don’t leave cookies and milk for Santa, instead it’s mince pies and a pint of Guinness to refresh him. The day after Christmas is St. Stephen’s Day, on this day boys go from door to door during the Wren Boys Procession. They carry a fake wren and sing and play music while asking for money “for the starving wren” (really, it’s for them!)

If you visit Spain for Christmas make sure you learn how to dance the Jota. It’s a special Christmas dance that’s been done for hundreds of years. After Midnight Mass and Christmas Dinner neighbors flock to the streets to dance. Instead of Santa, it’s the Three Wise Men who bring gifts for good little girls and boys. They come on January 6th, the day the Wise Men came to Jesus. Children fill their shoes with straw for the tired camels and in the morning the straw is replaced with presents!