Thanksgiving is an opportunity to get together with the ones you love and care about. Not only do you get to feast on delicious food but you also can make the day about being thankful for the things you have. Kids can get involved with fun activities that show them how to share their appreciation for what they have. It’s a fun way for you to bond!

While you’re preparing your Thanksgiving meal the kids can help out by decorating placemats. Give them large white sheets of paper and crayons and have them write on a placemat for each person at the dinner table. They can write and illustrate why they’re thankful to have that person in their lives. For younger kids they can write or draw why they love that person. Use the placemats as placeholders at the table and let guests bring them home afterwards!

Have a bowl of strips of paper that everyone can reach into throughout the day. On each strip a person can write what they’re thankful for or happy about. Attach the strips of paper to form a link and hang it as a garland. It’s a fun project to work on throughout the day. This is great for younger kids because they can simply write about what they’re thankful for at that very moment, instead of having to remember things.

Have everyone write about what they’re thankful for and put it in a bowl. In between dinner and dessert you can sit around the table and guess what person put what in the bowl. This is a great way to get a discussion going about what everyone appreciates!

If you’re keeping it low key this Thanksgiving consider donating some time at a soup kitchen during the day. Everyone appreciates a warm meal and it’ll be a chance for your family to spread the love and togetherness with others.

Play secret turkey! Have each person pull a name out of a bowl and spend the day doing nice things for that person. Little kids can draw pictures, make crafts, write letters, serve dinner, pull out chairs and do other little acts of kindness for their person. It’s also a great way to enforce good manners! At the end of the night everyone can guess who his or her secret turkey was.

If you have a loved one who lives far away and can’t make it give them a surprise phone call to let them know they’re being thought of. Have the kids sing a Thanksgiving song over the phone to up the enthusiasm.

Thanksgiving food is always a treat but the day can be so much more than turkey and stuffing. You can share the loving spirit with those you care about and help your kids see what’s really important in life: togetherness and caring.