Hurricane Sandy devastated a lot of the East Coast. A week later some people are still displaced or without power. If you were hit you know how difficult the storm was. People across the country are rallying to help those in need and you can get involved!

Google has gotten involved by creating maps on Google Maps that list areas that are in need. Individuals can create maps of their area and mark places to go to if you want to help out.

Donate supplies or monetary funds to The Red Cross; they’ve been heavily involved in helping people get back on their feet.

Many companies are collecting donations of clothing, canned food, radios, and cold weather supplies. You can easily find someplace local that is either driving the donations to areas of need or shipping them out.

Don’t forget the animals in need! Plenty of animal shelters need food and blankets as they deal with no power or supplies.

If you live in an area that’s been hit check on the elderly and sick that you know. Make sure they have proper supplies and food, as the weather gets colder. You can offer to rake leaves or bring over a warm meal

Many trees were uprooted in the storm and some are still touching power lines. Don’t attempt to fix the problem yourself; it’s incredibly dangerous and best left to the professionals. Find other routes to where you want to go and avoid hanging limbs.

Volunteer at your local shelter or municipal center that is housing displaced people. Consider donating your time on the weekends.

If you live in New York or New Jersey and notice gas stations are price gauging don’t hesitate to report it. It’s against the law to raise the price of essential goods after a disaster.

There’s so much we can do to help those who have been hurt by this horrific disaster. The more manpower the better!