When a major storm hits it’s crucial to be prepared. Hurricane Sandy is on her way through the northeast. There are some ways you can make sure your family is safe in case the storm heads your way.

There’s potential to lose power whenever a huge storm hits. Even if you have a generator you want to make sure you stock up on essentials.

Buy plenty of bottles water. Drinking plenty of water ensures you’ll stay hydrated and healthy.

Purchase nonperishable. Food you don’t have to refrigerate is the key when stocking up for a storm. Consider dried fruit; trail mix, energy bars and comfort food for kids.

Make sure you have plenty of flashlights AND batteries!

Kids can get antsy if they’re stuck at home, rent a fun movie or bake some cookies while you have power. Keep puzzles, books, coloring books and board games handy in case you’re without power.

The number one thing is to reassure your kids that you’re safe and together as a family.  A huge storm can be scary even for adults so you want to make sure your kids feel safe. Being prepared means you can focus on keeping your family calm.