Every parent wants their child to eat healthy, safe food. But currently the FDA doesn’t require genetically engineered food to be labeled as such. Many people don’t feel confident that GE food is safe, especially for children.

A recent study done by the Just Label It campaign found that 90% of mothers want the FDA to start labeling genetically engineered food. GE food has been available to the American public for twenty years and yet we’re only really learning about it now. The main reason that GE food hasn’t been labeled is because the FDA decided genetically engineered food isn’t different from its “normal” counterpart. As The Just Label It site says, “For example, a salmon that is genetically engineered to produce hormones throughout the year is not, according to the FDA, materially different from a non-genetically engineered salmon. The FDA came to this decision because GE food doesn’t smell, taste or feel different from non-genetically engineered food. The fact that they reached their decision by looking at physical traits of food is enough to make any parent angry!  The Just Label It campaign argues that we can’t make smart choices about our food if we don’t know what’s in it.

If you want toe FDA to start labeling genetically engineered food join the Just Label It campaign and make your voice heard! Visit their website (http://justlabelit.org/) and sign their petition. So far over a million people have signed. It’s up to consumers to fight for a change! To learn more about GMOs read our previous blog post: http://blog.funkoos.com/2012/04/what-are-gmos.