When your baby starts growing teeth it can be an exciting time. It seems as if he goes from having none to have tons! But teething can be a painful process and it hurts parents to watch their babies suffer. There are some natural ways to ease those long nights and help your baby feel better.

Teething biscuits have been around forever. They’re now being made organic! So your baby can gnaw all day on something good for him. Biscuits exercise the jaw and help soothe your baby’s need to bite. Freeze them for a numbing effect as well.

When your baby starts developing teeth it’s important to establish a routine to take care of them. Look for a BPA free toothbrush to clean his teeth and massage his gums. There are also toothbrushes made from sustainable wood that you can try.

Freeze decaf chamomile tea into ice cubes and put them in a baggie or hanky for your baby to suck on.

If you get a teether for your baby make sure it’s BPA free since it’ll be in your baby’s mouth. BPA isn’t healthy and can be found in a lot of plastic products. You can find teethers made from silicone, which is a great option. Teethers are bumpy so they massage sore gums and give your baby something to chomp on.

Dilute clove oil in edible oil and rub it on your baby’s gums. Test it out on your own teeth first and see how it feels since clove oil can be very strong.

Remember your baby needs something that’ll soothe and relax him while dull the ache and pain in his mouth. And don’t forget that teething doesn’t last forever!