The Sunday after Labor Day is dedicated to celebrating the people, who bake us fresh cookies, knit us warm hats and take us fishing. It’s Grandparents Day! Today is a great reminder to spend time with our elders who we love dearly. Grandparents adore their grandchildren so just visiting can be the greatest gift you give.

Grandparents Day has a noble beginning. A woman named Marian McQuade created the holiday to remind people of the elderly living in nursing homes. She also wanted to encourage grandchildren to learn about their heritage from their grandparents.

There are so many fun ways to celebrate this special holiday.

If you live far away from your parents arrange a Skype session for your children to spend some face time with their grandparents. Skype is free and easy to set up. Your children can also become pen pals with their grandparents. They can write each other brief letters to stay in touch. Everyone loves receiving snail mail!

If you can visit with your parents consider making a scrapbook of all your old photos. Your children can learn all about your family history as they create the book with their grandparents.

Invite grandparents over for dinner, play board games or have them teach your children card games. In return your child could teach them how to play some video games. Multi-generational Guitar Hero anyone?

Arrange to have a family portrait taken; it’ll be something you and your children will cherish for years to come.

If your children don’t have grandparents stop by the local nursing home and keep a senior company. Many don’t have visitors and appreciate having someone to talk to. You can bring along some snacks and games to play.

Your child can also “adopt” a grandparent from a nursing home. They can write to each other and visit occasionally. Your child will learn the importance of communicating across age gaps. They’ll feel good knowing they’re making someone else’s day.

Start working on a family tree. Many people wonder about their roots and a family tree is something everyone can contribute to. You could learn so many new things!