t can be hard to feed your family a healthy meal when good food seems to be so expensive. But there are ways you can shop organic without breaking the bank. Eating organic food has so many benefits it’s great when you can find a way to do it and save money!

Try to buy any organic food that doesn’t spoil in bulk. Then store the extra till you need it. This means you can take advantage of deals on food instead of constantly buying it.

Find out which produce is in season and buy that organic. Fruits and vegetables are usually cheaper when it’s their season. If they’re in season and grown in your area that means even more discounts for you!

Coupons are every mom’s best friend! You can even search online for coupons, take advantage of discounts on organic products.

Consider joining an organic food cooperative. You can join with some neighbors and receive great organic produce when it’s in season and usually cheaper than from the grocery store.

You can also join a community support agriculture program. Belonging to a CSA means you pre-purchase part of a farmer’s crop and pay in installments. You’ll then get to pick-up your portion of the produce.

Shop around and compare prices. Don’t go to the same place for all your groceries if another store has a better deal on something.

Of course nothing is cheaper money wise than growing your organic garden!