As the beginning of a new school year quickly approaches we’re all going to need some boosts of energy to get through our hectic days. Our little ones are going to have to adapt to the schedules of school or daycare. You can help them power through the day with energy boosting foods that are good for them. Include these in your regular diet and your family will be on its way to a productive day!

It can be easy to skip breakfast during the rush to get out the door. But eating breakfast can help kids get through the afternoon slump and keep their brains charged. Pair carbs and organic fruit for a good morning meal. Try whole grain bread topped with organic peanut butter and banana. Or natural oatmeal topped with cinnamon and fruit.

Lunchtime is where kids get the chance to refuel for the rest of the day. Having a salad might sound like a healthy choice but they need protein for energy and lettuce doesn’t cut it. If you’re lucky enough to have a kid who loves salad top it with nuts, chickpeas, turkey breast or beans. Low-fat yogurt is another great option because it’s full of amino acids that fight fatigue. If you include a dessert try dark chocolate, it’s delicious and full of nutritional benefits.

Most schools now include a snack time during the day. Kids need to constantly drink water so make sure they go to school with a reusable water bottle filled with cool water. For snack consider fruit, trail mix that includes nuts or peanut butter on whole-wheat crackers.

Some great energy boosting fruits and veggies include blueberries, apples, bananas, spinach, kale and red bell peppers. Mix these in with your child’s meals so they get the added benefits.

If your child is adventurous with food you can include different energy fueling options, like pumpkin seeds, hummus or quinoa.

If your child plays a sport have him or her eat a meal three hours before practice or a game. This will allow enough time for the food to convert to energy. Make sure the meal is packed with carbohydrates and protein like the ones mentioned above.