Juicing is the new health food fad that is catching on across the country. Some people have taken it to extremes and used juicing as a way to try to lose weight. But we’re interested in juicing as a way to get your daily source of vitamins and minerals. If you have kids who hate vegetables juicing could be the way you get them all the nutrients they need! This is also a great method to make a quick breakfast or snack when your family is on the go. Juices shouldn’t take the place of food; they need to be a part of a healthy diet.

Because juicing is becoming more popular you can easily find a juicer that fits your budget. Look for a machine that’s easy to use and clean. You don’t want to have to devote extra time to cleaning up your juicer. The easier the better.

Keep in mind that less expensive juicers usually can’t process seeds, rinds, stems or cores. You’ll have to chop up all your fruits and veggies for the juicer to process them.

Make sure you know how much juice per pound a juicer can produce. If a juicer doesn’t make a lot of juice it’s like your losing money on the produce you buy. Buying a pricier juicer now can sometimes mean saving more in the long run.

You can easily mask the flavor of vegetables by adding citrus or apple to your juices, that’s why this method is a great way to get your kids their daily dose of vegetables. You can also add raisins or figs for some sweetness. Don’t forget to buy organic, local produce for the added benefits!

Try this recipe for a snack before soccer practice or music lessons:

6 strawberries

Handful of grapes

1 apple

4 carrots

1 kiwi

Just juice and go!