At Funkoos we value protecting the planet and the people who live on it. That’s why our clothing isn’t just made from organic cotton; it’s also created in fair-trade work environments.

Fair-trade is just what it sounds like, people working in humane and safe conditions. This is a growing movement that focuses on assisting workers in developing countries. Everyone deserves good working conditions and adequate wages. This global movement has been largely consumer driven, as people want companies to take more responsibility for their global role. You can find many fair-trade products when looking at coffee, cocoa, sugar, cotton and fruit because many of these items are exported from developing countries. Fair-trade is important to Funkoos not just because of the human aspect but also because we believe in the importance of sustainability through manufacturing in an environmentally responsible way.

By choosing to buy from fair-trade companies, like Funkoos, you’re making a statement about what’s important to you and your family. You also help to send the message to companies that fair-trade isn’t a passing trend, but something we all should take very seriously. We hope to see more fair-trade children’s companies in the future!