Imagine your baby NEVER using a diaper ever again. No more mess, no more fuss and it can happen before they’re old enough to be potty trained! When we heard about “Elimination Communication” we wanted to know more (anything to reduce the amount of diapers we need to change is a good thing!). No diapers also means less waste and garbage= as eco-friendly as you can get! So we checked into this new to western culture parenting style.

Elimination Communication is a worldwide practice where parents observe their baby’s signals to determine if it’s time for the potty. It’s supposed to be a gentle, relaxed technique you begin as soon as your baby can signal and make sounds. It’s believed that children in the west are potty trained far later than they need to be. In other cultures where diapers are scarce babies learn early on to communicate their needs. If they can do it, why can’t we?

Not using diapers can reduce irritation of sensitive baby skin, say goodbye to diaper rash! If you’re breastfeeding this practice can help you determine if your baby is getting enough breast milk by observing their bathroom needs. Children have to trust their parents to help them go to the bathroom, which builds a strong bond. Babies learn early on that communication is important and they can rely on their parents to listen to them. Elimination Communication means your little one doesn’t have to lie on a changing table while you go through the diaper process. It’s also cheaper than buying diapers. These are just a few of the benefits of this practice that we discovered.

There are plenty of resources online about starting Elimination Communication. You can even find support groups of fellow newbie parents. Who knows, this eco-friendly bathroom style might work for your family!