August is Family Fun month, a great opportunity to celebrate the end of the summer with those you love. Dedicating family time during August is a great idea before the busy school year starts. Here are some fun suggestions:

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Have a family movie night, stay home and catch up on the movies you’ve all wanted to see.

Cook a meal together. Everyone can help out in cooking a delicious dinner! Have your little one stir or pour ingredients so they can get in on the action.

Visit your local farmers market. Shop as a family and let your kids pick out a new food to try.

Pile into the car with blankets and snacks and find a drive-in theater near you. Nothing says summer like watching a movie in the outdoors.

Create a water park in your backyard. Bring out buckets, the sprinkler, sponges, anything water worthy and create your own family splash kingdom!

Check out local events. Many towns and cities offer fun, free events over the summer. See what’s going on in your community that your family might enjoy.

Everyone picks an activity and you enjoy it together! Maybe someone loves your local ice cream parlor, someone else likes to swim, whatever it is go out and do it!