Bugs can be such pests in the summer. There are safe, organic ways of battling them though! Keep your little ones safe and healthy this summer with organic, eco-friendly bug spray.

Bugs hate onions. One way to protect your baby from bugs is by saving your onionskins from cooking. Collect them in a baggie and refrigerate it till it’s full. Then put the onionskins and peels in a bucket with warm water. You can soak them for up to a week. Then strain the onion pieces out and put the onion water in a spray bottle. You can spray the mixture around areas your kids play. Bury the peels and skins in your garden to keep pests out.

You can also mix apple cider vinegar, witch hazel and lemon balm essential oil in a spray bottle to keep mosquitoes away from children.

Sweet almond oil, aloe vera gel and lemon balm essential oil mixed together also does the trick.

Orange oil keeps ways fleas and rose geranium keeps away ticks and lice. You can mix these with olive oil, sunflower oil or witch hazel. Combine different oils to keep different pests away. Make the mixture 5-10% essential oil.

Make sure you keep your mixtures fresh or they won’t be as effective. Make enough for a 2-month period. Essential oils will keep skin moisturized while your baby plays outside. Keep your spray in a dark bottle away from heat. Enjoy your summer with organic bug spray!