If you live an eco-friendly lifestyle you can carry that into the school year with all the amazing products out there that are green. Here are some ideas to keep the green feeling in the classroom. Lunchtime is a great place to start when buying organic and green items.

Don’t use plastic food containers that can be made with harmful chemicals. Instead opt for stainless steel boxes. You can wash them again and again and they’re great reusable items.

Kids need to drink plenty of water through out the day so it can be tempting to buy a case of plastic water bottles but skip all the waste and buy a reusable water bottle. It’ll last a long time and you won’t have to constantly buy water when grocery shopping.

Brown bagging lunch is a thing of the past. Instead go for a fun colored cloth lunchbox your child can use everyday. There are even organic options for cloth bags! You can find so many fun bags that fit your little ones personality.

Consider packing a cotton napkin with your child’s lunch instead of paper ones. It’s all about being able to reduce and reuse.

Most teachers ask kids to bring a few supplies with them and you can go eco friendly with these too.

There are many organic crayon companies out there as well as eco-friendly colored pencils.

When buying notebooks, paper and folders look for ones that are made with recycled materials. You can also find pencils and highlighters made from recycled materials.

You can even find backpacks and laptop cases that are eco-friendly!

Back to school shopping doesn’t have to mean you’re limited in your green choices. There are so many great products out there to fit your family’s lifestyle. It’s a great start to the school year!