Thunderstorms can really scare kids. They’re loud, happen at night and seem to come out of nowhere. It isn’t unusual for a parent to find their child in their bed during a storm. Summertime is prime thunderstorm time so how do you stop the tears and fears?

Thunder and lightening can be scary adults, we’ll admit it! But the last thing your child needs is to see you frightened. Act calm and collected during a storm, sometimes you can fake it till you make it.

Some younger kids are comforted by sweet stories explaining why thunderstorms happen. You can tell them it’s the angels bowling in heaven or another tale. Whenever thunder strikes just smile and say, “it must be bowling time up there!”

Older children might like to know the real reasons thunderstorms happen. Check out books from the library about thunder and lightening and explore the reasons behind storms. Avoid scary stories and stick to scientific facts. Knowledge can be power in this situation.

Have a rainy day routine, whether it’s a light shower or a severe storm. Maybe it involves board games, baking and a movie. Or you curl up and read some stories. Whatever it is your child will feel more relaxed if they know what to expect during a storm.

Don’t get angry with your child if they’re scared. Think back to when you were little and how scary storms could be. Instead remind your child that your family is safe and cozy in your house. Being angry can put more pressure on your child and make them react even more.

Some children are absolutely terrified of storms, they could benefit from learning some self-soothing techniques. Come up with a soothing message for them to repeat during a storm and help them imagine how bright and sunny it will be when the storm ends.