Nothing is more refreshing on a hot summer day than jumping into a pool. Or the lake, or ocean or any other cool body of water. But swimming can be dangerous for kids. Drowning is the 5th leading cause of death in the U.S. For kids age 1-14 it’s the second leading cause. This can sound scary but if you’re prepared you and your kids can have a safe, fun summer.

Make sure your kids can swim. This can sound like an obvious tip except studies have show that formal swimming lessons reduce the risk of drowning among children. So sign your kids up for swim lessons or the swim team. There are plenty of mommy and me baby swim classes as well. The sooner your child becomes experienced with the water, the better.

If you have a pool make sure it’s fenced in. Having a fence that completely encloses a pool reduces a kid’s risk of drowning 83%. Have a barrier between the pool and your baby will also add some peace of mind for you. If your child visits a house with an unenclosed pool make sure they’re being monitored at all times.

Establish pool rules. Explain to your kids that running around the pool is an absolute no-no. They could slip and fall in. Remind them to respect lifeguards and listen to them. Also know their limits. If they aren’t confident in water that’s to deep to stand in keep that in mind. Watch the waves and tide at the beach to make sure the water isn’t too rocky for your little one.

You might not think you have the time to learn but knowing how to use CPR can make all the difference if your child needs it. Take a quick class so you have confidence.

If your child needs a life jacket to swim don’t use foam toys. “Noodles” are not meant to keep a swimmer safe; your child needs the proper equipment.

If safety is your number one priority around water your kids will be able to enjoy themselves and you will too.