If you child takes to swimming like a fish to water they might experience the dreaded swimmer’s ear. It makes your ear itchy and uncomfortable. Swimming doesn’t seem as much fun with a swimmer’s ear. There are ways to avoid it and treat it for your child gets it.

Swimmer’s ear is an infection of the outer ear canal. Water that remains in an ear after swimming creates the perfect environment for bacteria to grow. You child might be tempted to put their fingers in their ears but don’t let them, it’ll only make the swimmers ear worse.  You don’t get a swimmer’s ear from bathing because water usually runs out of the ear canal. But swimming regularly can wash away the earwax coating in the canal that protects you from bacteria.

Symptoms of swimmer’s ear include itching, pain and having a hard time hearing. If you child constantly gets swimmer’s ear have them wear earplugs while swimming. It’ll protect their ear canals. You can also get drops to use after swimming that’ll dry up the water in there. If your child is currently suffering from swimmer’s ear go see your doctor for antibiotic drops. Keep using the drops as long as the doctor says even if your child feels better. This will ensure the bacteria doesn’t come back.

Kids want to hop right back into the water but sometimes they might have to wait a week to 10 days till they can splish splash again.