School is ending but that doesn’t mean that opportunities for learning have ended. Kids who don’t participate in educational activities during the summer lose 2.6 months of grade level in math. Teachers have to spend 4 to 6 weeks the next school year re-teaching all the material their students have forgotten. Give your child a head start and keep their brains pumping during the summer so they excel during the school year. Here are some tips:

Sign your child up for an education summer program. They usually offer outdoor activities as well as enrichment programs.

Many libraries offer summer reading programs where any kid no matter the age can get involved.

Ask your student’s teacher for suggestions for reading material. They can also suggest ways for your child to prepare for math the next year.

When you’re planning a vacation have your kids look at map to how you’ll get there. If you’re having a “staycation” visit your local museums and aquariums as well as concerts and parks.

Don’t push your child to study during the summer because they’ll shut down and refuse. Summer should be fun but also an education opportunity!