Play yards and playpens can be so helpful for parents, keeping wandering babies in place and safe. Except over the years there have been thousands of recalls on play yards because they’ve been deemed unsafe for children. Advocates have been stepping up and letting the government know that safety is every parent’s number one priority. Many advocacy groups are calling for tougher safety standards on kid and baby equipment. One step in the right direction happened this week. The Consumer Product Safety Commission approved new federal safety standards for play yards. Now they will be required to have locks to keep them from collapsing on a baby and certain height requirements so children can’t climb out. Play yards will also be tested to make sure they’re stable and that accessories won’t harm a child. The CPSC has also released mandatory safety standards for baby items like cribs, bath seats and walkers. Many parents assume the products they buy for their children have been tested and can be trusted. But that isn’t always the case. Standards for children’s equipment will become more and more rigorous the more parents demand safer, more reliable products.