You and your partner are badly in need of a night out. The kids have been driving you crazy and you long for a quiet night with adult conversation. To get you out of the house and onto a night on the town you of course need to hire a babysitter. It can be tricky at first to find the one that fits your family just right. You want your kids to live their sitter and you want to know they’re safe. Here are some tips as you search for the perfect sitter.

Don’t launch a new babysitter on your young kids. It can be very scary for them to be separated from mom and dad and in the hands of a complete stranger. Have the sitter come over a few hours before you leave so your kids can get used to them.

Even better, if you’ve met someone you feel would be a good fit hire them as a “mother’s helper” for a day. They can help you with your daily routine and get a feel for your family schedule. You want your sitter to enter your lifestyle as seamlessly as possible. The more they know about you and your kids the better they can be as your sitter.

Make sure they’ve attended babysitting courses and are CPR trained. It’ll give you piece of mind to know your sitter has gone the extra steps to keep your kids safe.

Find a sitter through friends and family. Somebody is bound to know of a sitter they can’t say enough good things about. You’ll have the recommendation of someone you trust, which can be reassuring.

Find out what they charge from the beginning. You don’t want to be fishing in your wallet for extra cash because you weren’t expecting the amount they require. Babysitting is a job and babysitters have the right to set their prices. Just make sure it fits your budget.

Get your kids opinions. Have the sitter watch your kids for a few hours while you run errands. Afterwards see how your kids feel about him or her. You don’t want to leave your kids with someone they can’t stand.

Form a babysitting share group with your friends and neighbors. Instead of hiring a sitter offers to watch each other’s kids. You get a night off and then they get a night off.

Now that it’s the summer check your local college and high school to see if anyone is looking for babysitting opportunities. Plenty of teenagers and young adults are willing to babysit. You can even look for college students that have majored in teaching so they have serious kid experience.

Once you find a sitter your family loves he or she becomes part of the family. It’s every parents dream to have their kids beg them to go out so they can hang out with the sitter!