Moms get Mother’s Day, Dads get Father’s day, but what about the people we grew up with? The ones we fought with, learned with and sometimes wished we could have sent back to the baby store. April 10th is dedicated to these loved ones, it’s National Siblings Day! Today is a good reminder to pick up the phone and call your brother or sister and catch up. They’ve been with you through it all and for some of us they’re our best friends. This is also a prefect day to celebrate the bond between your kids. Sure they might bicker but deep down there is a love and understanding between them that can only be formed between siblings.

Claudia Evart, who lost both her siblings in separate accidents, created national Siblings Day. She felt there should be a day to honor her siblings, as well as everyone else’s. Siblings come in all shapes in sizes. Some are step, others half and some aren’t related at all but you consider them family. In your house you can make this day extra special for your kids.

If your siblings have children arrange a play date together. It’ll be a sibling celebration!

Come up with questions about each of your kids for the other ones to answer. Make it a game to see how much they know about each other. Ask what their favorite colors are, or their birthdays or their first word. They’ll learn a lot about each other!

Siblings always seem to fight over toys. Play games today that involve all your kids and reinforce the importance of sharing.

If one of your kids has a sports game or recital today, have the whole family attend to show sibling support. You can cheer and celebrate accomplishments together.

Have your kids write cards to each other, celebrating their special day.