When your baby is teething it can be frustrating both for you and your little one. She’s in pain and you don’t know what to do. It helps to know that you’re not alone, all babies teeth. And there are tricks and tips to help you and your baby get through the teething process.

Teething starts when the first set of teeth break through the gums. You might remember how your mouth ached when your wisdom teeth came in. It’s the same thing, except your baby’s whole mouth!

Teething symptoms usually stop once the tooth breaks the skin. It’s the days before the tooth makes an appearance that your baby is fussy and uncomfortable.

It might help to rub your baby’s gums gently for 2 minutes either with your finger or a cold teething ring. Your baby is looking for a way to relieve the pressure in her mouth when she gnaws on things. You want to make sure to give her safe teething toys so she doesn’t start to chew unsafe things around the house. Check out Green Sprouts or Little Sapling Toys for eco-friendly teething products. Another big favorite is Sophie the Giraffe from the French company Vulli.

Encourage your baby to drink cold water; it’ll help numb the pain. Babies tend to drool a lot when they’re teething so staying hydrated is important. Cold soft food has also been found to be helpful.

Last, but certainly not least, once your baby has some teeth coming in it’s time to establish good teeth care. Start by gently brushing your baby’s teeth with water and talk to your pediatrician about the next steps.