Now that it’s springtime there’s no better chance to go for a bike ride! As everybody knows once you learn to ride a bike, you never forget. It’s a great activity to do as a family. You can enjoy the scenery, get some exercise and your kids will learn a life long sport. Before you hit the road remember some important safety tips to make sure you have the best time out there.

ALWAYS wear a helmet. Not every state requires you to wear a helmet but it’s the key to safety when bike riding. All helmets have to pass CPSC standards so you don’t have to shell out for a $200 helmet. Cheaper ones have to stand up to the same tests and rules. It’s recommended to buy a smooth helmet because there won’t be any snags if you fall.

You want a helmet to be comfortable and won’t move around even during a lot of shaking. Be prepared to try on more than one helmet. It might be boring for your kids to keep helmet hunting but finding the perfect one is crucial.

When your kids are starting out they might be a little wary on a bike. Keep your trips to just the driveway or neighborhood until they’re more confident. Then maybe try some bike paths and nature trails before hitting the pavement.

When you start bike riding on the road make sure to ride with traffic. When you’re walking you should always be against traffic but when biking you need to go with the flow. When making turns use your hands to point in the direction you’re going so motorists know.

If you decide to ride at night make sure to wear reflectors and bright clothing. Also have a headlight on the lead bike. You should even have a headlight during the day when biking on the road.

Bike riding is a great activity and can make for some springtime fun!