Growing your own herbs has so many benefits. It can help spice up your cooking, keep cost down from grocery shopping and many herbs have multiple uses. You don’t need a lot of space to grow herbs; even just a window ledge is a good start! This spring try out your green thumb and reap the benefits of your own herb garden.

Lavender is a great herb to grow in the spring. It’s beautiful when it blooms so it’ll add some color to your herb garden. You can use lavender as a natural calming agent and to add some wonderful smell to your home.

Parsley is an easy herb to grow and a great one to choose if you’re just starting an herb garden. Parsley is low maintenance and the results will dress up your dinner plate!

Thyme is a culinary staple and growing your own means you always have it around. Thyme can be difficult to grow from seed so consider transplanting a growing thyme plant to your garden.

Basil is probably the most popular herb in the herb garden world. Who doesn’t love some fresh basil with juicy tomatoes and mozzarella? Basil is a plant that can be grown in a container if you don’t have space outside. Late spring is the best time to plant basil because it’s sensitive to frost.

Consider growing herb plants instead of seeds especially if you’re learning. You also won’t have to wait as long for your delicious results. Prune and pick your herbs in the morning, that’s when they are at their freshest.