Pregnancy changes your whole life, as any mom can say. It’s like everyday you learn something new as your body changes and your baby grows. There’s so much information to absorb in those nine months. To get you up to speed on pregnancy talk here are some words you might not have heard before having a bun in the oven (that means being pregnant!).

Amniotic fluid: The fluid that covers your baby as he grows inside you.

Amniotic sac: What holds your baby and the amniotic fluid during pregnancy.

Braxton Hicks: Contractions that can start at 6 weeks into your pregnancy. Though you won’t feel them that early.

Birth center: A place specially designed for women to give birth. Can be found inside or outside a hospital.

Birth plan: Your preferences about the way you’d like your labor and delivery to be performed.

Breech: When the baby is born feet or but first.

Fontanelle: The soft spots on your baby’s head where his skull hasn’t fused.

Gestational age: The length of a pregnancy.

Jaundice: When your baby has yellowish skin due to abnormally high blood levels of billruibn.

Lanugo: The first hair a fetus produces. It’s downy hair found on the body and is usually shed by eight months of gestation.

Mask of pregnancy: Brown pigmentation that can develop on a pregnant woman’s face.

Prolactin: The hormone that stimulates the production of breast milk.

Quickening: The first movements your baby makes that you feel during pregnancy.