Gas prices seem to be climbing higher and higher the closer we get to summer. And if you don’t own a hybrid the only option is to feed the pump. Is there anyway to not go broke when fueling up? We looked into the best ways to conserve fuel to help you save a few dollars this summer.

When does your car use the most gas? When it accelerates. This means every time you step on the brake and then the gas your using more fuel than if you were to coast along. Try to keep a good distance between you and other cars so if they keep speeding up and braking you don’t have to do the same.

We all know how hot it can get in the summer; sometimes air conditioning can be a lifesaver. But it also reduces the fuel economy of your car. On cooler days drive with the windows down. When parking find spots in the shade so you don’t get into a car that feels like a roasting oven.

Are you a car pack rat? It can be an easy trap to fall into, especially when you have kids. But the more weight in the car, the more fuel you need to go. So consider taking the kids bikes and hubby’s weight equipment out of the car before you drive.

Reducing your speed when you have a billion things to get done can seem impossible. But driving at or below the speed limit can help you conserve fuel. Try to leave a few minutes early so you aren’t rushing and can drive at a slower rate. If other people pass you because of your slow speed they’ll be the ones paying at the pump.

Keep track of gas prices as you drive. If you find a pump with an amazing price stop and fill up even if you don’t really have to. It’s better than filling up later on at a more expensive station. Also consider doing a little searching for stations. If you’re leaving a tourist hot spot the first station you see will have the most expensive gas. A little hunting can help you find somewhere cheaper.

Checking your tires and making sure they are fully inflated can help you save at the pump as well. Under-inflated tires can soak up fuel.

Our favorite tip: Carpool and combine trips! Nobody wants to spend a lot of money on gas so carpool with other parents. Also try to combine errands that are close in location.

Do you have any fuel saving tips?