Last week we talked about the great reasons to buy organic makeup. This week we looked into organic soap and the reasons to switch are just as compelling! Your skin is your biggest organ. You take the time to apply sunscreen and moisturize with lotion so it makes sense to use healthy, natural soap. There are a lot of options out there and if you’re really ambitious you can even make your own!

Non-organic soap is full of chemicals. Just read the ingredients and you might not recognize half of them! With natural soap you know exactly what you are putting on you and your family. It might not be the same candy colors you’re used to but that’s because there are no dyes. And that’s a good thing. Here are some soaps to try out next bath time:

Dr. Bronner’s: One of the original makers of organic soap. The USDA certifies them and all their products are vegetable based. They even offer a mild bar soap for babies! They were recently certified Fair Trade and take pride in how they treat their employees. A great company all around!

skinnyskinny: This company has delicious smelling soaps, which are all vegan. Their packaging is from recycled materials, which fits with their organic vision. Almost all their products are made in their workshop in Brooklyn, NY.

Pangea Organics: Every ingredient in the products Pangea makes serve a purpose. There are no fillers so you know exactly what you’re getting. They focus on using organic plant botanicals.