Every woman wants to look beautiful but it can be hard to find beauty products that are eco-friendly. But there are companies out there that make taking care of the Earth as important as making you look good.

Organic makeup is not only good for the world but also for you. The skin can absorb five pounds of chemicals by using makeup everyday. If you think it’s important to eat healthy think of how important it is to use healthy makeup! Using organic makeup reduces the amount of toxins released into the environment. Many organic companies also use recycled packaging and take pride in caring for the planet.

Some makeup lines worth checking out include:

Stella McCartney’s Care: The designer Stella McCartney is known for her green approach to fashion. She’s introduced that belief to a like of makeup and skincare. The ingredients are 100% organic.

Physicians Formula Organic Wear: Physicians Formula is one of the first big makeup companies to create EcoCert certified organic makeup. The packaging is recyclable and it’s mostly vegan. Since Physicians Formula is so familiar this is an easy switch to organic makeup.

Dr. Hauschka: This 40-year-old German company is a great go to when looking for organic cosmetics. They focus on using plants to help skin heal. Julia Roberts and Jennifer Aniston are among this company’s fans.