The harsh winter weather can really bother a baby’s sensitive skin. All that wind and snow can make your baby feel uncomfortable. There are some steps you can take to protect your baby’s gentle skin from the elements though.

It might seem like your baby doesn’t need sunscreen during cloudy winter days. But the sun reflects harshly against snow and can still burn a baby’s skin. Make sure to put sunscreen on your baby’s face before heading out to avoid winter sunburn.

During the winter a steaming hot bath might seem ideal but in reality it can dry out and irritate skin. Bathe your baby in lukewarm water and keep bath time to a minimum. Pat your baby dry and then use moisturizing lotion.

Babies are more at risk for hypothermia than adults so while you might be able to handle the cold your baby probably can’t. Don’t keep your baby out in the freezing cold longer than absolutely necessary and make sure to bundle him up when you’re out.

Before you leave for the day use some emollient like petroleum jelly and rub it all over your baby’s skin to keep in moisture and protect from the wind. Don’t forget his sensitive lips!

Consider buying a humidifier if you find your house to be very dry from turning up the heat. It can help keep moisture in and discomfort out.

Your baby can’t protect themselves from the winter elements but with your help he’ll be able to enjoy the snowy season!