It’s late at night and it seems you’ve been up forever. Can you even remember the last time you had a full nights sleep? Welcome to new parenthood. Those sleepless nights are definitely not a myth. Though it might seem impossible, getting a good nights sleep is important for a parent. You’re more alert and can focus when you’re well rested. But obviously baby doesn’t know that! Otherwise he’d let you sleep. Try to use the advice of parents that have been there to help your baby fall asleep.
*Create a stress free sleep environment. It can seem impossible to this when you have so much going on but relaxing your baby before bedtime can help him stay asleep. An hour or so before his bedtime make it quiet time. You’ll find you appreciate a rest from the hustle and bustle too.
*Be flexible with the sleeping arrangement. Every baby is different, some prefer their own crib, and others want to sleep next to mommy and daddy. Experiment with where the baby sleeps to see where he’s happiest. It might not be what you expected but if it means a full nights sleep go with it!
*Nap with your baby. That’s right you take a nap too! All to often parents use baby’s naptime to “get stuff done.” But how much are you really going to get done in that short period of time? It’s worth it for you to take some down time as well. Pick a time during the day when you’re most tired and lay down with your baby. Stick to this schedule so he’s used to naptime. It might sound surprising but babies who nap are more likely to sleep through the night.
*Bath time before bedtime. A nice warm bath before bed soothes most people to sleep, even babies. Make it a ritual to give him a calm bath before bed and then snuggle him up in some comfy pajamas. It’ll help lull him to sleep.
*Daddy time. Did you know the vibrations from a man’s voice have a calming effect on a baby? Before bed place your baby’s head on daddy’s throat and have him rock baby to sleep. His soothing voice will aid you during bedtime and it’s a great chance to create a baby – daddy ritual!
*Check for GER. You know how painful heartburn can be. If you’ve run out of techniques and baby is still waking every night he might have gastroesophagael reflux. This is when stomach acids are regurgitated into the esophagus. If your baby is colicky it could be because he suffers from GER. Talk to your pediatrician about how to ease your baby to sleep.
It might seem like your nights with no sleep are endless but take comfort in the fact that they really won’t last forever. Before you know it your baby will be a teenager and you’ll never be able to get him up!