“There’s nothing to do!” How many times have you heard these words from the mouths of your little ones and had to come up with activities for them? With snow day season upon us you might be hearing those words more than you’d like. But never fear! Despite what your kids might think, there are things to do during the snowy cold. And with a few good ideas you can even get them outside!
*Have a snowman building contest. Give your kids some old clothes and challenge them to see who can build and dress a snowman the fastest. It’s a fun way to switch up a classic snow day activity.
*Examine snowflakes. Take a piece of black felt and catch some snowflakes on it. Use a magnifying glass to examine the intricate beauty of each one. Your kids won’t believe that every snowflake is unique and so beautiful!
*Draw on the snow. Mix food coloring and water and put it in spray bottles or use a paintbrush to draw pictures on the snow in fun colors.
*Go for a hike. The snow leaves behind some great footprints in the woods. Go for a walk and see if you can spot any prints left behind by some fuzzy animals.
* Have a scavenger hunt…with ice cubes! Use food coloring and freeze some ice cubes then hide them in the snow and have your kids go for a hunt.
With these great ideas soon you’ll find your kids saying “There’s so much to do!”