Do you prefer the sun shining to the snow falling? Maybe you’d rather be chasing your kids around in shorts and a t-shirt instead of a jacket and boots. Counting down the days till winter ends is no fun. Nobody likes the winter blues. But winter isn’t all dreary days and cold nights. As shocking as it may sound there are some great things about winter. So pull on your snow hat and bundle up the kids because winter can be just as fun as summer!

Fresh fallen snow. There is something so quiet and beautiful about a fresh snowfall. Winter is nature’s time to hibernate and the snow is like a blanket to cover it.

Comfort food. Winter is a time for thick soup, warm bread and hot coco. Even if you dislike winter it’s hard to hate the food. Everything is rich and delicious; don’t be afraid to indulge yourself!

Snuggling. Summer might be a time to play in the sun but being hot and sweaty doesn’t make cuddling fun. In the winter you can light a fire and gather your family around a good movie. It’s a chance to spend some quality time with your little ones.

The sun in the morning. Changing the clocks in winter means the sun greats you in the morning. It also means you gain an hour of sleep!

Holidays. Winter is all about spending time with family, especially around the holidays. Whether it’s Christmas, Hanukah, New Years Eve or Valentines Day there’s always a chance to celebrate with the ones you love.

Winter activities. If you’re an outdoorsy person winter doesn’t have to stop you from being outside. There is so much to do in the snow! Build snowmen, go sledding, and take the kids ice-skating. The fun doesn’t have to stop just because the cold has arrived!

Every season has things you love and hate about it. But you don’t have to dread winter when you think of the fun things it brings!