If you say the word “regifting” to some people they immediately think of a social faux pas that is never ok. But if you have things filling your home that you never use why not give some of them to someone who actually likes the stuff? You’ll be clearing your home of clutter, reusing instead of buying and putting a gift to good use. But even in the regifting world there are dos and don’ts here are some tips:

Handmade and one-of-a-kind items are off limits for regifting. If you received something for free, like a promotional item don’t regift that either.

Some items you might have that can be regifted include bottles of unopened wine, never used cookware still in its box, unused jewelry and household items that haven’t been touched. Kids stuff is perfect for regifting. There are always those toys still in their boxes, never been used. Or books that haven’t been opened. Those can be passed to someone who will love them.

The important thing to remember is that regifting isn’t handing your junk off to someone else. It’s having something that you think someone else will appreciate more than you will. Don’t give anything that’s been used and if you don’t think the recipient will like it, don’t give it!

Avoid regifting things in the same circle. You don’t want to give someone a fancy blender that a mutual friend gave you. That can lead to some awkward moments and hurt feelings. Try to give your family gifts you got from your friends and the other way around.

Just because you might not use something doesn’t mean it’s always up for regifting. If your great-aunt got you a sweater from South America that you’ll never wear consider the sentimental value and whether that’s something you really want to part with.

There is a time frame for regifting. If something has been in your closet, gathering dust for years it isn’t regifting worthy. Just like you wouldn’t buy something outdated for someone you love, you aren’t going to regift something outdated either.

If you have things that need a new home and nowhere to go consider donating them to a charity. It’s another great way to pass on something to someone who will appreciate it.