We are super excited to extend the Funkoos family to Europe! In honor of this here are some fun facts from across the pond:

  • In Sweden moms and dads can be absent from work until their baby is 18 months old. That’s some great maternity leave!
  • The top baby names in France are Nathan and Emma. Do you know anyone with those names?
  • Many Germans follow a holistic birth plan recommended by their doctors. They might have herbal teas and homeopathic medicine instead of medication.
  • In Italy children in preschool wear an apron called a “grembiule” over their clothes. It’s supposed to keep their clothes clean but also makes wearing name brand clothes not a distraction.
  • If you have a baby in Spain be prepared to throw a merienda. It’s a celebration held at the new mothers home where she has snacks and everyone ogles the baby. The men typically go out for a drink at the local bar.
  • English folklore says pregnant women typically crave a snack of coal. Yuck!
  • In Switzerland it’s considered bad luck to announce the name of your baby before it’s born.

So next time you’re in Austria remember this wise phrase: Kindermund tut Wahrheit kund. That means “children always speak the truth.” Europe is quite an interesting place! Do you know any interesting European facts???