So you’ve bought a cute Funkoos outfit for the new baby but what do you get the parents for the holidays? Instead of buying them more gifts for their roles as budding parents it’s always a fun surprise to give them something for themselves. They’ve spent countless nights feeding and changing diapers and they deserve something special too! Here are a few ideas to get you going and make you the best gift give these new parents have ever had.

A spa or massage certificate: There isn’t a whole lot of relaxation when there is a new baby in the house. Give your friends the chance to get out and indulge with a spa or massage gift certificate. They’ll get to rest their aching muscles and recharge their batteries.

Dinner for two: Choose the nicest restaurant around and get a gift card. Extra points if you offer to baby-sit for their night on the town. You can also include some movie tickets to encourage them to stay out past their normal bed times.

Wine of the month club: If you have friends that love a glass of wine before bed this a great gift. They won’t have time to hunt for new wines while caring for baby so instead have the wine come to them. They’ll get to try out new flavors and stay ahead of the curve, which can be hard as a new parent.

A week of dinner: If the new parents live near you offer to cook them dinner for a week. They’ve probably been living off leftovers and frozen meals with little time to make their own dishes. Giving them a week of home cooked meals will save them a lot of time trying to grouse up dinner.

A subscription to Netflixs: After taking care of baby all day it’s doubtful new parents are going to make it to movie night every week. They can watch the latest flixes without ever leaving home.

A gourmet coffee maker: Sleepless nights are practically required for a new parent. Keep them going with a great coffee maker that will making their mornings a little more delectable.

New parents are going to get a lot of things for their bundle of joy during the holiday season. Show them that you didn’t forget them by buying something they can use sans baby. They’ll really appreciate it and you know it’ll be put to good use!