Winter means warm dinners, softly falling snow and cozying up with the ones you love. But it also means battling the freezing cold elements when venturing outside. Keeping your baby warm and comfortable while your outside is obviously a top priority. As every parent knows a warm baby is a happy baby.

Focus on layering, that’s the best way to stay warm. This allows you to add and remove pieces depending on if you’re walking outside or in the mall. Start with a snug, breathable bodysuit. Layer a sweater and pants over that. Wool and fleece are great materials for keeping heat in. Lastly you want to dress your baby in a winter coat to really keep her protected from the elements.

The accessories are often as important as the clothes. When dressing your baby in the winter start with her head. 60% of our body heat escapes from up there! Find a soft, fitted hat for your baby. If you’re worried about her pulling it off find one with a chin tie so it stays secure. Mittens will keep your baby’s little hands nice and warm. If your baby is the kind that refuses to wear shoes make sure you have thick socks. It might seem like the sun rarely shines in the winter but wearing sunscreen when you’re out is still important. Find a gentle kind to use on your baby’s face.

Keeping your baby warm and dry will help you both enjoy the magic that comes with winter.